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I started making little shops a couple of years ago.

At first I had the shops housed in a large doll house, but after I bought my first shop room box I was hooked. I now have five shops and will certainly go for more in the future.

Come on in and have a look around.
These shops never close, you are always welcome.

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Visit my Dollhouse

I made my own dollhouse in the mid 1980's. It is a treasured possession and has given me much happiness over the years.


FREE Dollhouse Wallpaper


More than 300 free dollhouse wallpaper.Just download and print on your computer

Let's make a dollhouse size sofa

Here you will find simple instructions on how to make a basic sofa out of just cardboard and fabric.
Once you master the technique of how to make a mini sofa, you can make any style you like.

View my Art Dolls at
My Miniature Market.

Sculpting polymer clay people is another aspect of of the miniatures hobby. I love creating little 5-6 inch polymer clay ''dolls'', but I am not a big fan of putting ''dolls'' in a dollhouse. I placed my dolls in a Victorian Market setting.

Come and have a look at My Miniature Market

MORE FREE Dollhouse Printies

Jen's Printables

Lots of printable boxes from different era'sincluding food items, household products, toys, magazines. Printables gift bags and boxes for all occasions

Let's Build a Dollhouse

FREE printable plans and step by step photographs and instructions.
You don't need a lot of tools or know-how to build your own dollhouse.

My Friend Carole's first Dollhouse
This dollhouse is house a modern day family. The husband and wife, who live in the house with their children, are getting ready to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary
My Friend Carole's Lavender Cottage
This house is set in the earlier part of the20th C. The house is occupied by an elderly lady and her niece? companion

Let's make a Hanging Plate Rack

An easy plate rack made from ''bashing'' a Michael's HutchLet's make Stained Glass

How to make quick an easy stained glass window from stickers and markers

My Daughter Kerry's Dollhouse

This is the dollhouse I built for my daughter. With her busy life Kerry doesn't have a lot of time for hobbies, but she loves adding little things to her dollhouse.She satisfies her creative urges by making really neat little Gnome Homes to hide when geo-caching

Lots of new wallpaper

Let's Make dollhouse Curtains from Paper

Dollhouse curtains don't have to be made from fabric like realsize curtains. It is both easy and effective to make them from paper

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