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A Miniature Toy Shop made in Doll House size 1/12th Scale

toyshop exterior

The Toy Shop is made in a 12 inch x 10 inch room box. The front of the roombox is held on
with magnets and is very simple to take on and off. This room box originally
had a small front yard enclosed with pretty fence. It suited my needs more to remove
the fence, and one can get a clear view of the entire shop through the window .
A little boy is looking longingly at the model planes which
are hanging from the ceiling, a sling shot held behind his back.
Rose, the Irish Setter waits patiently.The letter box is a souvenir from London, UK. it is
actually a pencil shapener,
it fits nicely into this into the Toy Shop scene, and as a bonus,
I always know where the pencil sharpener is.

toy shop interior

The interior of the toy shop. What a fun project this has been! I did not make all that many of the pieces in here. I did however dress all of the dolls, this was a job that took way longer than I thought it would. Some of you may recognize the doll Drowsy, in her pink and white polka dot sleeper, I made the Drowsy doll's out of polymer clay. Drowsy was a special member of our family for a long time and thus deserves a place in the toy shop.

I am mad about miniature ships and boats , you can see some in the 'glass' case, and I snuck another one into the shop by making it appear that some one is unpacking a sailing boat from a wooden case.

The little crate is actually plastic. I bought it in a charity shop for 25 cents. If you spray paint plastic with a primer, you can paint over the primer with acrylic paints.I can't remember what was on the crate before it was painted, something to do with G.I.Joe

shelf of cartoon charactersThe little Disney characters, Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street characters and Princesses are sold as cell phone charms. I found them in dollar store and bought all they had .

birdeyeview model railroad

A miniature model railroad.Ah! a minIature of a miniature, that definitely appeals to many a miniaturist mind.That blob in the middle represents a pond. It doesn't photograph well in this birds eye view, but looks okay from other angles.

The little dolls dressed in the green and red dresses have been with me for years.
I originally bought them at a cake decorating store.
The cake decorating stores used to be super places to buy minis, but the trend for
decorating cakes has changed to making the decorations from fondant.
Of course, the dolls had no hair so I gave them some ringlets,
as well the left arm
on each doll was stuck to it's side so I had to operate with a hot
dinner knife so that I could get a dress on them.

If anyone wants to know what I did last New Year's Eve,
I spent it making 4 tutus for the 1 inch dollson the shelf.

Hat Shop
Fairy Shoe Shop
Ladies Lingerie
Toy Shop

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